The Big Guys

Luca in Ivy




This is Luca, a Cane Corso.  They are a giant breed from Sicily. This photo was taken when he was about 4 months old the day we bought him in New Jersey.

Luca is shown here with his favorite toy, a volley ball. He would play all day long with our daughters.  Luca was a wonderful, loyal companion and the guardian of our family.

Luca with Ball
Teddy at 9 Weeks Old

After much research (and about 18 months of waiting) we added Teddy (Excellent Adventure vom Sanften Leowen) to our home.  Teddy was a Leonberger, a giant breed originating in Germany.  To learn more about this wonderful breed, please visit the Leonberger Club of America website.

Luca was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in January of 2000.   Teddy accompanied Luca and me on our trips to Houston for Luca's chemotherapy.  As you can see they were the best of friends and very rambunctious playmates.  This photo was taken after Luca lost his leg to the cancer.


Luca and Teddy on the Grass

My friend Edith Steffen from Germany notified me that there was a 12 year old intact female in a shelter near her home.  No one was willing to rescue her so Imogene made the trip across the ocean to live with us in October of 2000.  She was a very devoted companion.

Luca crossed the Rainbow Bridge in October of 2000 after a valiant battle against his cancer.  He taught me a lot about courage and character. Teddy followed him in March of 2001 from an unknown virus.  He was only 14 months old.  Imogene made the journey in April on our way home from the LCA National Specialty in Delevan, WI.

This is Pride Rock's Absolut Hurricane. Cane for short. Cane is also a Leonberger and about a month younger than Teddy. Cane joined our pack in June of 2000 when we picked him up on our way to Maine for the Guild School.

Teddy and Cane

Teddy's Daddy, Ari, is Cane's Grandfather. He was a LCA National Specialty Best of Breed. Cane's Daddy, Angus is also a LCA National Specialty Best of Breed, but then nobody needed to know that to see both these guys are Champs!

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